Unity, trust and responsibility

At Würth Industri, we know that our greatest values and strengths are in our employees.

Without them, no Würth Industri!

Just as we want to take part in our customers 'business, we also want to take part in our employees' careers, development and well-being.

That is why we, together with everyone at Würth Industri, have developed a common set of values, which we each have committed ourselves to and live out in our everyday lives:

  • We’ll get it said
  • We’ll do it together
  • We’ll get it done
  • We’ll take care of each other

Contact our HR department for more information by mail HR@wuerthindustri.dk

Taking part in your Career

"A place you feel valued and recognized!"

With our wide range of training courses and development programs, Würth Industri offers the opportunity to develop our employees individual strengths

Job board

If you have the courage and the will, then we have the perfect challenge for you!

Hop on board and become part of our amazing Würth Industri family