C-Parts management for maximum supply security and productivity!

Würth Industri offers you integrated logistics solutions for automated, efficient supply of production materials as well as auxiliary and operating materials.

Do something good for your efficiency. Become wiser about your material consumption.It will benefit your competitiveness!

Why choose Würth Industri?

Why choose Würth Industri?

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Vending solutions

Vending solutions

ORSY®mat dispensers are used for the safe stocking, dispensing and automated replenishment of MRO articles.

Kanban systems

Kanban systems

Automatic just-in-time restocking of production materials through the intelligent two-bin system with RFID technology.


Not all gold shines!

A fundamental part of our Würth DNA is our knowledge and expertise around fortification. We are ready to help you with advice and product development.


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ORSY®mat – Your superhero for materials management

Your superhero for materials management

Super strengths – Super power

Operating materials get out of hand?
Procurement and logistics steal time and nerves?
Materials management simply costs too much energy?

This looks like a job for ORSY®mat


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