Vending solutions

Small parts usually have a low material value. However, their procurement is often cost-intensive - because the material search, stocktaking and re-ordering of small parts takes a lot of time and therefore causes high costs.

The storage and retrieval systems of our CPS®ORSY warehouse management system offer you greater efficiency in your materials management and constant availability of your parts - even if your requirements are irregular and cannot be planned. By linking to our online solutions, the ordering process is automated, without the need to enter individual orders. We also take care of inventory and shelf control so you save time and money that you can invest in your core processes.

ORSY® stands for order with system. Clarity and transparency are particularly important to us in the solutions we have developed over the years in cooperation with our customers. Thanks to the modular design, we work with you to adapt the system optimally to your needs and the available storage space, so that material requirements are identified and covered at a glance. Even items that are rarely or never used are easily identified and possibly eliminated, so that the space gained can be used for more important items.

Your benefits
  • Maximum process reliability through transparent inventory overview and control
  • Easy handling without burdening your internal structures
  • Cost reduction
  • Optimum use of existing storage space
  • Fast access
  • Increased productivity through automated ordering processes


Easy ordering with the Würth app

Simply reorder with the Würth App

With the Würth app, you capture barcodes of required articles directly at the shelf, on the product packaging or in the barcode catalogue. The information is then transferred to your shopping basket in the Würth Online Shop where it can be checked and supplemented before you place the order.


Intelligent systems for automated re-ordering

Vending solutions

Automatic dispensers: ORSY®mat

The automatic dispensers are ideal for supplying auxiliary and operating equipment. When an article is removed, one of our employees immediately orders a refill and then replenishes it.

More on the ORSY®mat variants



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