AUTOMOTIVE: solutions for the automotive supplier industry

The AUTOMOTIVE division provides automotive suppliers with fasteners and C-Parts – all over the world.

To ensure the greatest possible speed, reliability and process security, this division tailors technology, purchasing and sales exactly to the needs of the automotive supplier industry.

The core competence of AUTOMOTIVE is not only its customer service with a clear focus on technical support and design advice, but also its use of a global supplier network for virtually every type of fastener – combined with our unbeatable C-Part supply concept.

CPS®AUTOMOTIVE - C-Parts partner for automotive supplier industry

Make sure you benefit from these CPS®AUTOMOTIVE areas of expertise:

  • Product standardisation
    We are experts in standardising products and reducing the variety of parts. This is achieved in particular by bundling different product groups and by standardising surfaces, drives, head shapes, strength classes and fastening elements leading to greater transparency and additional cost savings.
  • Cost reduction programmes
    We will advise you on alternative fasteners: for instance, replacing a screwed connection with a rivet or vice versa. Reducing the complexity of connecting products by switching from turned parts to cold extruded parts. Another important core competence is the inspection of the entire logistics chain to identify potential savings.
  • Technology and design advice
    Our technology and design advice can help your company plan and source the right fasteners in the development phase. Top priorities here are product standardisation and the identification of the best manufacturing process. Tools such as CAD data pools and the technical documentation on our products are available to support optimisation.