Protective elements, cover caps, sealing plugs - Small parts, big effect!

W.TEC®COVER CAPS - Multi-talented elements for protection

Our plastic protective elements protect your constructions, components and attachments against accidental damage. Cover caps and protective plugs are easy to handle, protect your employees and make work easier by the option to close holes, for example during painting or cleaning.

Wide product range:

Our protective elements are available in a wide range of designs, dimensions and for a wide range of applications: caps and plugs, caps and protective sleeves, plugs and end sleeves, screw plugs and screw caps for pipe threads and metric threads, pipe caps, universal protection and covers of all kinds, etc.

Cover caps and plugs

The W.TEC®COVER CAPS are extremely easy to use:

  • flexible and temporary application
  • removable if necessary
  • high fitting
  • different production materials with different physical properties
  • resistant to chemical influences, temperature and environmental influences

Component with covers

With our protective elements, you protect your component against inward and outward influences such as:

  • dust, dirt and other soiling
  • rust and corrosion
  • scratches and wear
  • mechanical damage of internal or external threads
  • ingress of unwanted substances and liquids or moisture
  • transport damage
  • chemical influences of all kinds
  • cover of sensitive holes
Component with protective elements

Your employees also benefit in production, manufacturing, warehousing or transport. Our plastic protective elements:

  • protect against injuries when mounting or dismounting workpieces.
  • facilitate cleaning or painting.
  • simplify the transportation of components.
  • close unwanted openings temporarily, but safely.
  • protect against direct contact with unwanted liquids.
  • secure sharp edges reliably.
  • are a flexible tool for your daily work.

With us, you will always find the right product.

Every single industry requires products that are geared to very specific purposes. To support the requirements of a market holistically, we consistently analyse the current needs and future requirements of our customers.

This resulted in our W.TEC® product series with products for requirements-based solutions and industry-specific innovations. We guarantee optimal and consistent quality and first-class technical service. We can give you expert advice and best practices so that you will always find the right product, be it plastic cabs, slings, screws for thermoplastic materials or many more.

Plug on the engine

Protective elements: perfect helpers in the automotive industry

Especially in the automotive industry, it has mechanics or fitters that very often have to deal with the discharge of unwanted liquids such as, for example, oils. Besides of being a protection against external influences, closure elements, such as screw plugs or plugs for attachment to components or to the body, may also be an indispensable aid for facilitating work steps, e.g. in the relocation of a component.

We know the specific requirements of the automotive industry, especially regarding the supply of C-parts. Our specialist department CPS® AUTOMOTIVE advises customers of the automotive industry in the technical and design supporting field. Find out more about AUTOMOTIVE

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