iSHELF®/iSHELF®flex: How intelligent a shelf in your Kanban system can be


The iSHELF®/iSHELF®flex system stands for an automatic ordering of your direct materials through an intelligent shelf. The shelf can be easily integrated into your existing Kanban shelves of Würth Industrie Service, so that the existing processes in the kanban process remain unchanged. Due to battery operation, no power connection is necessary, so that the shelf can be set up freely in production.

The handling during operation is very simple!

Your Kanban containers are automatically equipped with an RFID tag by Würth Industrie Service. As soon as you remove an empty bin from the Kanban shelf and place it on the intelligent shelf, an immediate data transfer is initiated. This triggers a repeat order via the merchandise management system of Würth Industrie Service and you receive the full bins in the next delivery cycle and filling rhythm.

Benefits & Advantages of the RFID shelf

  • Completely automatic ordering process
  • Maximum space saving as no additional space is required
  • Lean warehouse and stock management
  • Early reaction to fluctuations in demand, in particular peaks in demand in your ongoing production
  • Precise control of the flow of goods
  • No manual entry required

Special features

  • Fast changeover without changing existing processes
  • Maximum flexibility due to different shelf sizes (iSHELF®flex)
  • Operation of several shelf fields with one shelf




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