Lock nuts: Reliable protection against falling apart

Lock nuts protect screw connections that are subject to strong vibration or movement from loosening or falling apart. Nuts can also protect screws from fluids or dirt and protect the operator if the end of the screw is a risk of injury.

Lock nuts ensure that the fastener always remains stable in its initial position and the bolted connection.

Wedge lock nuts

The wedge lock nut consists of a flange nut and a wedge lock washer ensuring a high-quality, easy-to-install and user-friendly locking mechanism for demanding screw connections.

The advantages:

  • will be delivered pre-assembled
  • reduction of components
  • handling advantages in hard-to-reach places
  • minimizes the assembly time and assembly costs

Wedge lock nuts in the online shop

Wedge lock nuts
Wheel Lock nuts

Wheel lock nuts

Wheel lock nuts, a special type of wedge lock nut, are the reliable locking method for the problem of self-loosening of wheel nuts.

The advantages:

  • simple, safe and fast installation, even for non-specialist users
  • preserves surfaces
  • permanent fixation and correct positioning of the wedge lock washers
  • reusable without loss of quality

Wheel lock nuts in the online shop

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