lock washers
lock washers from the expert

When it comes to the safety of screw connections, you should not compromise! With the proven lock washers from the W.TEC®SECURING range, you will reach a maximum safety!

lock washers from the expert

When it comes to the safety of screw connections, you should not compromise! With the proven lock washers from the W.TEC®SECURING range, you will reach a maximum safety!

Lock washers: Small parts great effect

Lock washers underneath the screw head prevent the loosening or falling apart of screws and screw connections which are exposed to high loads. Ideal for achieving high-strength screw connections in agricultural engineering, mechanical engineering, the shipbuilding industry or in the energy and offshore sectors.

W.TEC®SECURING wedge lock washers for screw locking

Unlike plain washers, the W.TEC®SECURING wedge lock washers, ring lock washers and combi wedge lock washers provide you with high-quality locking systems that can reliably secure your fasteners. With the quality of our locking elements and lock nuts, we not only rely on demanding quality controls, but also subject the products to external and objective quality analyses according to prescribed testing procedures.

With us, you will always find the right product.

Every single industry requires products that are geared to very specific purposes. To support the requirements of a market holistically, we consistently analyse the current needs and future requirements of our customers.

This resulted in our W.TEC® product series with products for requirements-based solutions and industry-specific innovations. We guarantee optimal and consistent quality and first-class technical service. We can give you expert advice and best practices so that you will always find the right product, be it plastic cabs, slings, screws for thermoplastic materials or many more.

Lock washers

Lock washers

Due to their nature - radial ribs on the outer sides and wedge surfaces on the inner sides - wedge locking washers secure your connections reliably even under extreme loads.

The advantages:

  • suitable for demanding screw connections
  • secured by preload force instead of friction
  • easy installation
  • delivered already glued in pairs

Wedge lock washers in our online shop

Ring lock washers

The ring lock system combines the advantages of wedge lock washers with the special function of the ring, which permanently secures the two individual pulleys. Even with multiple use, it holds them together in the correct position.

The advantages:

  • especially suitable for multiple use
  • withstands dynamic loads, even when using lubricants
  • fast installation also for non-specialist users
  • no risk of incorrect installation due to the ring safety system

Ring lock washers in our online shop

Ring lock washers
Combined locking washers

Combined wedge lock washers

The combined and at the same time efficient locking system for heavily loaded screw connections offers simple and quick mounting even in difficult installation situations.

The advantages:

  • easy and captive installation due to internal slats
  • can be combined with any commercially available screw
  • reusable several times
  • in steel and stainless steel with narrow and wide contact surface

Combined lock washers in our online shop

Innovative functionality

The following four factors ensure the locking function of the washers: hardness difference, difference in the angle, friction difference and preload difference.

Since the surface of the wedge lock washer or ring lock washer is harder than that of commercially available screws, the radial ribs on the outer sides of the washer are shaped into the counter material (hardness difference). When tightening the screw connection, it creates a positive connection. Due to the specific pitch angle of the wedge surfaces on the disc, it comes to a self-locking if the screw should loosen automatically (angle difference).

The wedge sections at the joint faces of the two disc halves have a significantly lower coefficient of friction than the toothed outside of the discs. As a result, an unscrewing movement always leads to movement between the two disc halves and not between disc and counter-material (friction difference). If the wedge lock washer expands by a loose rotation, this leads to elongation of the screw and thus to an increase in pretensioning (preload difference).

You will find further information in our brochure.

Customer advice and support

Individual supply solutions for locking elements

The lock washers can be used with conventional screws, i.e. you can also use W.TEC®SECURING wedge lock washers with screws from your existing stock.

We are happy to deliver the combination of screw and washer already pre-assembled reliably and safely via our integrated procurement solutions. C-Parts. With Certainty.

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